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September 6, 2007: New pictures from the far outpost of Prince George! Kurtis Taylor has sent in shots of both the CN Centre and the old Prince George Coliseum.

August 29, 2007: A new outside shot of the strangely-named Androscoggin Bank Colisee in Lewiston, courtesy Ivan Freedman.

August 25, 2007: Calvin Dyck sent in a picture of the inside of the ENMAX Centre in Lethbridge, home of the Hurricanes.

August 11, 2007: Finally, I reach another small milestone - I've got exterior and interior pictures online of all 18 QMJHL rinks, thanks to Jean Langlois who sent me an outside shot of the Colisée de Rimouski. Thanks, Jean!

August 5, 2007: A few things to share today. First, I've gone through the whole website once again updating, correcting, and rewriting. Things have been done over the past week or so, but I'm mostly finished. The biggest changes are that my complaints on the London and Sarnia writeups have been retooled; I'm now much happier since the rantings of a younger man have been updated. In addition, I was in Guelph and Waterloo this weekend and finally visited the site of the old Waterloo Memorial Arena as well as checking out the development of the municipal office complex that's rising on the site of the Guelph Memorial Gardens. Check the pages for information and pictures. Finally, although our travel plans aren't set in stone yet, Nitz and I should be making the trip to Rouyn-Noranda and Val-d'Or this October. Are we hardcore crazy? The answer is yes.

July 26, 2007: A new interior picture of Winnipeg Arena is now online, courtesy Jamie Heaphy.

July 2, 2007: A Happy Canada Day and/or Fourth of July to my readers! At long last, I've done the obvious summer housecleaning and redone pages for the franchise moves coming in 2007-08. The Hershey Centre page is now filed under Mississauga St. Michael's Majors, while the Niagara IceDogs also have their own page now. St Mike's Arena has been moved here. I'll make the trip to both places this season and update as needed, including re-filing the Top 20. In other news, the Kingston new arena has been delayed again, although they still promise that the rink will be open in time for the end of the upcoming season.

June 21, 2007: Off-season news - The Kitchener Auditorium is adding 430-odd seats for next year as a piece of their Memorial Cup bid. Meanwhile, just down the road, the Guelph Sports and Entertainment Centre name is no more; it has been renamed the Sleeman Centre after the local brewery.

June 14, 2007: The Niagara IceDogs have a website now - it's NiagaraIceDogs.net. I'll be getting the pages reorganized over the course of the summer - life is very busy now between changing jobs and going to New York last week, not to mention Chicago next week! I'll be at Wrigley Field on Sunday. I'll definitely be making the trip to St. Catharines this upcoming season, as well as back to Mississauga to see the new Majors home, but for right this minute the status quo is being maintained here due to busyness.

June 5, 2007: It's finally official - next year the IceDogs will be moving to St. Catharines under the name Niagara IceDogs. The St. Michael's Majors will be known as the Mississauga St. Michael's Majors and play at the Hershey Centre. I will most definitely be making the trips to both places this upcoming season, and the Guide will be updated over the course of the summer to reflect the new outlook of the league. I'm off to New York tomorrow so updates will be sporadic for a bit - but I've got something big planned for the 2007-08 season. Stay tuned.

May 27, 2007: A new picture of the Stampede Corral in Calgary has been added to the old WHL page.

May 20, 2007: Next season will see the addition of a 22nd team in the WHL - the Edmonton Oil Kings. Ryan Harder has sent a picture of Rexall Place, where the new team will play.

May 16, 2007: Well, congrats to Plymouth on winning the OHL, and good luck in the Memorial Cup. I'm posting this to alert arena aficionados to two new sites that might be of interest: first of all, WHL.yi.org, dedicated to the WHL (click on "arenas" on the left), and the MJAHL Arena Site, dedicated to the Maritime Junior League. Check them out!

May 6, 2007: I was in Niagara region yesterday and stopped off to take pictures at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton and Jack Gatecliff Arena in St. Catharines, the latter potentially an OHL building next season should the Board of Governors approve the sale and move of the IceDogs. The OHL championship is underway right now, but my travel schedule is done for the year. I hope everyone enjoys the championship series, Memorial Cup, and summer this year, and I'll continue to update throughout the summer as always as new information and pictures come in.

April 21, 2007: A slightly rewritten Plymouth writeup as well as a new exterior picture following my visit yesterday. The biggest change is the neighbourhood - the emptiness has given way to commercial sprawl.

April 19, 2007: Yes, I know - no updates lately. I've been too busy to really give the website my full attention. I've gone through and updated a lot of little typos, errors, and corrections that have built up over the past little while, and also gave the "Future Developments" section on each page its first real total update since 2003 (renovations that happened four years ago are not "future" anymore). In addition I've added a nice little story to the Newmarket Royals page from Thom Racine, check it out. I'm heading to Plymouth tomorrow for Game 2 and should also make the trip for Game 6 if necessary, and I also have tickets to every Knights game from here on in. Finally, the IceDogs have been sold to a printing executive named Bill Burke, who plans to move them to - of all places - Jack Gatecliff Arena in St. Catharines. Still not official yet, but this long, sordid saga may finally be drawing to a close.

March 27, 2007: A new interior picture of the Moncton Coliseum courtesy Denis Lagacé.

March 21, 2007: As promised, Part 3 of my OHL history.

March 20, 2007: I've added the "Middle Years" to the history section of the website. It's my eventual goal to make this place a veritable clearing-house of information about junior hockey in Canada, and so hopefully you readers will enjoy the new historical section. I've also got a modern era page written, but I'm going to hold off on posting it right away. It should be up soon.

March 19, 2007: A new picture of Tri-City Coliseum, AKA the Toyota Center, in either Richland, Kennewick or Pasco, Washington. Thanks to Matt Emery who submitted it. Will YOU submit me a picture from my Drive for Submissions? The answer: hopefully!

March 18, 2007: Finally got my internets back! I'm all moved in and settled, which means that the regular Sunday update can continue. Picture of the Week is back updated, and I've also added a few more Seattle arena pictures courtesy of DJ Kris. Thanks, Kris! Remember, I'm still looking for submissions, please see the notice on the main page.

March 6, 2007: I've added a renewed call for submissions to the main page, please don't miss it. One new thing today - the man, the legend, the sports nut - Dave Jewell enters the Hall of Fame. Congratulations, Dave! In addition, I am moving on Saturday, so Picture of the Week will not update, and email responses will be sporadic from then until I have internet access again.

March 3, 2007: The last of the big updates from my trip - new pictures and information from former QMJHL arenas in Beauport, Trois-Rivières, Quebec and Montreal.

March 1, 2007: As promised, a new page for the Colisée Desjardins, home of the Victoriaville Tigres.

February 28, 2007: Well, I made it back from Quebec City, Montreal and Ottawa fine. In addition to what you might expect from me (rode the ice slide in Quebec, ate at Schwartz's in Montreal, watched Question Period in Ottawa), I also managed to hit up games in Quebec and Victoriaville, thus bringing my QMJHL arena total to 7/18 (and the closest one to me, Gatineau, is still on the hitlist). In addition, I made stops in Beauport, Shawinigan, Trois-Rivieres and Montreal, so the old QMJHL pages should be updated within the next few days. Have I mentioned that my girlfriend is awesome for not only putting up with my doing this on road trips, but for actually encouraging and enjoying it? First on the update list, though, is a new venue profile for the Colisée Pepsi, home of the Quebec Remparts. In addition to that, I've updated the QMJHL page, with new photos of Shawinigan and mini-writeups from the four Q rinks that I have visited but not seen a game in. Barring unexpected developments, Victoriaville's profile should go up tomorrow night, and the former Q updates by this weekend at the latest. I've now been to games in 31 CHL arenas, which means that I should have $31 for my ARFAC donation this season. You should consider making one of your own, it's a worthwhile and noble cause, run entirely by OHL fans to support the Wellspring Cancer Centre in London.

February 21, 2007: No updates this weekend as I will be in Quebec City, Montreal and Ottawa over the next few days. I'll be attending QMJHL games in Quebec and Victoriaville on Saturday and Sunday as well as a few former Q barns, so expect large updates over the course of next week.

February 9, 2007: Once again I am way behind on email, so if you're written lately and haven't heard back from me, I apologize and I will try to respond soon. I have no major plans this weekend so I should be able to get caught up! I've got some Western updates courtesy two correspondents - the WHL is complete now, with pictures of all 59 CHL arenas now posted! Lethbridge and Red Deer were the last two and they're now up. In addition, I've added to the former WHL arena page with two pictures of the since-demolished Nanaimo Civic Arena.

February 3, 2007: At long last, the new rankings are in. Check it out for yourself to see where the Steelback Centre and GM Centre slot in. I'll be in Barrie tonight and I should have some new WHL pictures within the next couple of days, thanks to a couple different correspondents.

January 28, 2007: A new picture from Owen Sound following my visit last night. The update to the Top 20 is still coming as promised; I've got it written, I just have to find the time to encode it.

January 25, 2007: Finally, an evening at home where I'm not busy! I've had the time to upload my pictures of the Steelback Centre and Sudbury Arena. In addition, my ticket stub from the Sault is scanned, thus giving me proof of my claim to having visited all 20 again! I've also uploaded former arena pages for the Norris Center and the Walden Community Centre. In the next week or so I'll unveil the new buildings in the Top 20, as well as a few other things I have planned.

January 23, 2007: My review of the Steelback Centre is now online. I'm having difficulties with Photoshop right now that I don't have time to solve, so my pictures will have to wait, but the review is available.

January 22, 2007: A great weekend of travelling is in the books as, once again, I can lay claim to having visted all 20 rinks in the OHL! We had great weekend weather, including constant sunshine for the drive up to the Sault, and saw two great games which the Knights won. Our rented Ford Focus didn't suck as badly as I expected, and Matthew Sweet and Gord Downie helped to pass the long empty hours on the roads. However... I've got a ton of updating to do, including pictures and a new venue profile for the Steelback Centre, adding the two new rinks to the Top 20, new former arena pages for the Norris Center (SSM) and Walden Community Centre (SBY), and another new surprise thing I'm going to spring up at some point in the next little while. What I'm trying to say here is that I'm tired from driving 1584 km this weekend and any writing I could do today would suck, so I'm not going to do it now. Keep checking back this week and hopefully it will get online over the course of the week. I've usually got enough time to write at work so it shouldn't be too hard. And travel isn't stopping by any stretch; I'm now confirmed making the trip to Owen Sound this Saturday, as well as NOOF-a-Palooza in Barrie on February 3. Oh, and Picture of the Week is updated, because it's easy to do.

January 18, 2007: For those of you transfixed by my travel schedule, my scheduled trip to Windsor this past weekend was scuttled by bad weather. However, I've got a few major new things to update you on - first of all, Paul Smielewski has enlightened me on what it was like to attend a game at Cobo Arena. I'm sorry I never made it down back in the day. Second, I've put together a few pictures and a little information on Former WHL Arenas. It's not every day I add a new page to the Guide! However, there should be a couple next week, as I hit up the frozen north with visits to current and former arenas in Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury, and finish my All 20 again! Picture of the Week will be delayed this week until Monday night, and watch for a series of updates next week.

January 13, 2007: 19 of 20 are in the books once again as I visited the very impressive GM Centre in Oshawa on Thursday night to watch the Knights win in a shootout. Full writeup and pictures are now online, as is the ticket stub (for those wondering, I decided to stop posting repeat stubs in 2006-07 but I'm still going to post the new buildings as "proof" that I was there). As for the Arena Ranking, I've decided to hold off on that until next week - since my trip to the Steelback Centre is a mere seven days away, I'm just going to unveil the two new rankings at the same time. Finally, I have re-scanned and photoshopped the old pictures of the London Gardens, so they look a little bit better now.

January 7, 2007: A new picture of former QMJHL rink PEPS has been submitted, so that's online now, as is the entry of Otter Trotter to the Hall of Fame.

January 4, 2007: I've done a whole lot of little things that most people will probably never notice, like fixing typos and hunting down 404 errors, but the main things I have to report are twofold: First, Allen Galley has submitted an excellent picture of the Halifax Forum when it was actually being used for hockey, as opposed to a ridiculous bridal show that I had to lie to a security guard to get into without paying simply to take some God-damned photographs of a building several thousand kilometres from my home. Second, Google Satellite has updated imagery again, which means there are now satellite photo links on the Lewiston, Brantford, Saginaw and most awesomely, my old haunt of St. John's. I spent a merry hour looking down on my old city with something approaching nostalgia. Enjoy, sports fans!

January 1, 2007: Happy 2007! It appears that Duct Tape beat me to the Steelback Centre by a matter of three weeks. His pictures from the new arena are now online, so the old architectural renderings are gone. Picture of the Week resumes updating next Sunday, and stay tuned for my visit to Oshawa in ten days!

December 26, 2006: Merry Christmas to everyone. No updates this week or next; the next major update planned around here will be for my upcoming trips to Oshawa, Sault and Sudbury in January.

December 9, 2006: Two WHL rinks to go now, as DJ Kris has also sent in a picture from Chilliwack. Have you got a picture from Red Deer or Lethbridge? You should send it in!

December 8, 2006: Snow day! I'm home from work on a Friday because of the 60 cm of snow that fell since yesterday morning, so I've had time to do a bunch of minor updates that most of you will probably never notice. However, I do have one update to announce - a picture of the Interior Savings Centre in Kamloops, home of the Blazers. Only 3 WHL rinks left to go!

December 6, 2006: Childhood memories of the Bowmanville Memorial Arena, courtesy Mike Cherkas.

November 20, 2006: Picture of the Week was delayed yesterday due to my completely not being home at all, but it's up now. It may have taken me three tries to get into Varsity Arena, but man, was it worth it. The place is awesome.

November 15, 2006: Two new arenas added to the WHL page: Medicine Hat and Prince George.

November 14, 2006: A new entrant to the Hall of Fame.

November 11, 2006: A completely new and up-to-date writeup and new picture from Mississauga following my recent visit. In addition, Paul Buxton has submitted even more WHL pictures, these from Kelowna.

November 9, 2006: Lots to update today: first of all, in the past few days I've somehow received as much email in a week as I normally do in three. If I've been slow to get back to you, I apologize, and I will get back to you as soon as work and the real world allow. Today, I've updated the North Bay page for the first time in two and a half years with new pictures of the building courtesy Eric Boutilier. I've added a new Windsor-based Hall of Famer as well, as well as new pictures of the GM Centre, courtesy the intrepid Duct Tape of OHLPhotos.com. I've also added a review of the Steelback Centre, from Spirit fan Adam. Coming soon: a completely rewritten review of Mississauga with new pictures following my first visit since November of 2003, plus some new WHL pictures which were submitted today but I don't have time to deal with now. Part two of the update should appear by Sunday at the latest.

November 5, 2006: This past Friday witnessed the opening of the new General Motors Centre in Oshawa, which has dropped me back to 18/20 rinks for the first time since January of 2005. I've put up a bare-bones new page for the new arena, which will have to do until I make the trip there, most likely next January. If you've got any submissions for me, send them on. Meanwhile, the old Civic Auditorium page has been scaled back and moved to a new URL, which is here.

October 30, 2006: With two of my Top 20 arenas now closed, I have decided to re-rank the new buildings into the rankings when I make my visits to each one. That said, I don't want to lose the old rankings either, since they're worth preserving for historical reasons. So... I'm going to keep them online, which means I've also decided to rank the other OHL building that I've been to that I hadn't ranked before, since it closed before I launched this website. Therefore, I present the London Gardens ranking - it would have ranked 13th in the league if it was still around.

October 29, 2006: It had been four years (November of 2002) since my last trip to the Barrie Molson Centre, so I've decided to just completely erase the old writeup and re-do it from scratch. So that's online, as are two new pictures. As a result of my visit yesterday, I've also decided that for the first time ever, I am going to bump up a team in my Top 20 Rankings - the Colts' facility grade has been bumped up to an A, and therefore, they have moved into an 8th place tie with Sudbury in the rankings, vaulting over Sarnia. (I honestly don't remember why I gave them a B in that category in the first place; such is the problem of doing it from memory three years after the fact.) Tomorrow, I'm also going to unveil another new update to the Top 20 rankings, although what I have planned will be kept under wraps until then. Finally, it's the day of reckoning for the Oshawa Civic Auditorium, which will see its final OHL game tonight. The new GM Centre opens Friday, which means the new GM Centre page will debut sometime this week!

October 28, 2006: New pictures of the Regina Agridome in Regina, Saskatchewan, courtesy of correspondent Ryan Harder.

October 18, 2006: The recent, unexplainable WHLathon continues with submitted pictures of the Rose Garden and Memorial Coliseum in Portland, the Toyota Center in Tri-City, the Spokane Arena and the Everett Events Center. Thanks for submitting the pictures, Paul! My WHL gallery now features 13 of 21 WHL teams, with Prince George, Chilliwack, Kelowna, Kamloops, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Red Deer and Regina still missing. If you've got pictures of any of the above, you know what to do!

October 16, 2006: New pictures of the WHL's Centennial Civic Centre in Swift Current and Moose Jaw Civic Centre in, well, Moose Jaw.

October 15, 2006: A new picture of the Credit Union Centre, home of the Saskatoon Blades.

October 9, 2006: An old feature of this website has been resurrected now that I'm back in OHL territory, as I have posted a tentative travel schedule for 2006-07 on the About the Author page. I'm planning to make road trips to Brampton, Mississauga, Barrie, Toronto and Saginaw for sure before Christmas, to hit the new arenas in Oshawa and Sault Ste. Marie in January, and to knock off another couple QMJHL buildings in late February. The schedule will be updated throughout the year, so you can keep abreast of future developments and also arrange to meet me if you feel so inclined.

October 8, 2006: At long, long last, there are finally no more horrible old-camera scanned shots on this website. Correspondent Todd Payne has sent in a good indoor shot of the Hershey Centre in Mississauga. There's also a bit more news to report as the Oshawa Generals' new building has officially been christened the GM Centre.

October 5, 2006: After over twenty years of battling, the city of Windsor has finally committed to replacing Windsor Arena. See the Spitfires page for details.

September 29, 2006: I promised myself I wouldn't do this when I could avoid it, but there are actual new developments in the chase for a new Windsor Arena. Two competing groups have launched websites and have architectural renderings available, see the Spits page for more details.

September 10, 2006: Picture of the Week is back, and I've also added two architectural drawings of the new Kingston building to the Frontenacs page.

September 9, 2006: Apparently I just missed Brampton yesterday; it's now posted. For 2006-07, the cheapest tickets are in Plymouth, where $US 10 adult tickets translate into a mere $11.75 or so Canadian. You can also see an OHL game this year for under $13 in Mississauga, Saginaw and Brampton. The most expensive ticket this year is $16 for a standard adult ticket, a price charged by Windsor, Sudbury and Kitchener. Since I started keeping track in 2003-04, average ticket price has gone up from $12.75 in 2003-04 to $13.63 in 2004-05 to $13.81 in 2005-06 to $14.43 this year.

September 8, 2006: Annual housecleaning is done - all links on team pages have been checked and the dead ones have been removed. In addition, ticket prices are updated for 19 of the 20 teams, with only Brampton yet to post the new prices on their website. Once all 20 are up I'll reveal the average ticket price and the cheapest/most expensive seats for the new season.

September 7, 2006: It sure didn't take me long after getting home, did it... a new page for Markham Centennial Centre, which I visited yesterday en route to the Blue Jays game.

September 5, 2006: Welcome to the 2006-07 season! It's hard to believe that this site is entering its fourth year online; it seems like only yesterday that it was just freshly launched, with a grand arena total of 7/20. This upcoming year I am expecting to be living in London again and going to OHL games regularly, so updates should hopefully be more frequent than last year. This year also will witness the opening of two new buildings - the Steelback Centre in Sault Ste. Marie on October 11 and the Oshawa Gardens in early November. I intend to get to both of them this season for sure. Updated today for the new season, we have a new (albeit relatively bare) page for the new Steelback Centre, while the Soo Gardens page has been reworked into a "former arena" page. In case you're wondering, I'm going to keep the old building listed on the "Top 20" page until I visit the new one. I also made a few stops on my way home from Newfoundland to take pictures of Centre 200 in Sydney, Nova Scotia, and I also finally got my exterior shot of Centre Marcel-Dionne in Drummondville. I also took a couple other pictures this trip too which will probably appear on upcoming Picture of the Weeks, which will begin updating again this Sunday. 2006-07 ticket prices will be updated within the next few days. Enjoy the season, folks!

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